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I'm Your Man Book Three


When FBI agent Rachel Cortez is sent to investigate the terroristic arson of our national forests, she is eager for the challenge, confident that her skydiving expertise will allow her to work undercover as a member of a smoking-jumping team.


Fletch Ansari is ex-Delta, known to his Delta buddies as Puma. He returns to the Colorado mountains, where his roots run deep. There he tends to his ranch and spends the fire season as boss of a smokejumping crew. Only an occasional visit from the spirit of his Ute grandfather, disturbs the peace of his new life.


When the FBI asks Puma to train Rachel in the art of smokejumping, he refuses. Smokejumping is dangerous for the best-trained firefighters, and it takes an appeal to his patriotism for Puma to agree to the task. Further complicating matters, the forest fires they will be facing are tame compared to the sexual firestorm that rages between them.

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