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Distant Rainstorm

Here’s a freebie for my loyal readers. If you adore hot guys and love in the rain, you’re going to enjoy this story.

Or if you just like a quickie now and then.

By quickie, I mean a short story, of course. 

Have fun.

Blaine Kistler

Spring Rain

Nicki Spalding is a coddled child of privilege. Her Aunt Laurel is a twice-widowed dowager in Louisville, Kentucky’s old money society. Nicki lives in her Aunt’s million-dollar mansion, drives a Mercedes convertible and dresses in designer clothing. Yale Carter is employed by Laurel as a handyman and chauffeur. Nicki is attracted to him despite her mother’s belief that Yale is beneath her daughter’s social status, and she uses sarcasm and condescension to keep him in his place. Yale looks on his employment as a stopgap to his future ambitions, and Nicki’s smart mouth amuses him. The last thing he needs in his life a fling with Princess Nicole.  


But Mother Nature has her own  plans. When the heavens open to a spring downpour, lightning flashes, ozone sizzles.

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