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Venus & Mars Book 1


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Can a love be so powerful that it spans time?

Annie McIntyre grew up a tomboy, headstrong and often in trouble. Unknown to Annie, Joel Kinkaid has loved her since they were children. When Annie divorces her abusive husband, Joel returns to Kansas to be near her.


Billionaire Ben Gallagher becomes intrigued with Annie. She has changed from the skinny girl who once punched him out in the school parking lot. Annie is dazzled by Ben’s wealth, and he coaxes her into a relationship.


With guidance from a Pottawattamie medicine man, Joel undertakes a cleansing spirit walk. He experiences visions of past lives where he and Annie were mates, but a veil is drawn over the future. When Annie’s ex-husband kidnaps her to exact a ransom from Ben, can Joel save her and turn the past into the future?    

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