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I'm Your Man Book Two



When Ex-Delta Jake Randolph returns to the small town he grew up in, he finds chaos rather than the idyllic life he remembers. Faced with a serious drought, his family is struggling to keep their farm afloat. His once sweetheart, Lorie Saxton, has divorced an abusive husband and is raising her son, Matt, as a single parent.


In a rage over Jake and Lorie rekindling their relationship, her ex-husband, Strom, kidnaps Matt, and armed with guns and stolen cash, disappears. When the town sheriff who is in the pocket of Strom’s wealthy father refuses to act, Lorie turns to Jake for help.


It will take all of Jake’s Delta skills to rescue Matt, and to prevent Strom’s extremist band of misfits from an act of terrorism against the country he loves.

How do you welcome home a hero?

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